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Olinda Chapel and Mai Titi kiss and make up

Wonders never cease to occur as evidenced by the recent reconciliation between socialite Olinda Chapel and comedian Mai Titi. The two had been at loggerheads for sometime with constant online squabbles. The two ladies made a lunch date in the UK where Mai Titi had visited. They shared cute photos of them dining and smiling as they made their peace

The beef between the two had been escalated by Olinda’s remarks for trying to put Mai Titi in line after the latter’s public brawl with Mad boss. Mai Titi had lashed out at Olinda and set the record straight that she should mind her own business.

A few weeks ago, Mai Titi had taken a dig at Olinda after Tytan spilled the beans that she is HIV positive. The social media wrangle that followed saw Mai Titi chiding at Olinda for having judged her in the past for her status yet she was also infected.

The two ladies share a lot in common. Both ladies were dating men that were younger than them, both ladies have been deserted and they are raising their kids as single mothers. They also both share an appetite for entrepreneurship as well as their positive hiv statuses which have since become public knowledge

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