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Top 5 white Zimbabweans who can speak Shona and Ndebele fluently.

Zimbabwe is a multicultural society with people from different tribes living together. One suprising phenomenon however is that of white people who live in Zimbabwe who have embraced the local culture and language. Here are some white people who can speak vernecular languages eloquently as if it were their own mother tongue.

Whislt in the colonial days, it was common to hear white people speaking in Shona, it is no longer such a common practice. And whilst some white people who could speak Shona clearly like Roy Bennet have since passed on, there still is a group of white people who are conversant with vernecular languages.

1 Gemma Griffiths

The singer is very fleunt in Shona. She was first recognized when she did a rendition song of Winky D’s ‘Musarove bigman’. Her Zimbabwean accent and clear tone generated a lot of interest. Gemma went on to collaborate with Winky D on another Shona song called ‘Mugarden’.

2 Joshua Sacco

The Chimani mani east legislator could pass off as any Shona speaking black person due to his fluency in the language. No wonder why he is a favourite of the locals in Chimani Mani.

3 Father Von nidda

The Roman Catholic priest is known for his use o Shona in his everyday conversations. He was once stationery at Visitation high school before being transferred to St Ignatius college. Father Von nidda can preach in Shona and is able to conduct a Shona mass.

4 Heath Streak

The former cricketer and coach for the Zimbabwe cricket team can speak Ndebele fluently.

5 Kirk Swanson

The renowned horse trainer can speak Shona in a clear and perfect tone.

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