Concern rises over Mupedzanhamo fly over bridge safety

Zimbabwe seems to be lagging behind in terms of developing infrastructure such as roads and bridges. Most roads, especially in the Harare CBD area are a total mess with potholes and other damages being a central theme. Most roads have since become depleted and served their purpose and are in dire need of refurbishment.

According to council engineer Bernard Musarurwa inspections on structures are not being done because of lack of skill. The fly over has become a death trap for motorists and it remains to be seen whether council will act on the information that the bridge is shaking.

Most people are worried that the unstable structure coupled with the current rains might cause road carnages. In fact, she me motorists are actually avoiding the fly over bridge and are opting to use longer alternative routes instead.

The issue has become a topical one on social media and most people are expectantly waiting for council to take some sort of action. Hundreds of cars pass through the fly over bridge on a daily basis and now that it has become a hazard, there is serious concern.

This is not the only road that needs attention. There is a lot of work that needs to be done in terms of ensuring road safety throughout all the provinces in the country.

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