Pull Any Of These First Date Blunders And You’ll Ruin Your Chances With Her

Lets say you went out for a date for the first time, had a nice time over dinner or drinks, precisely things got deeper and you ended up in bed together to make it a one night stand but you never heard from your date again ever since that night. You will ended up asking yourself so many questions without answers like , What happened? What went wrong? Why didn’t she answer my texts and calls and blocked my number and unmatched me and blocked you across all social media which you didn’t even know she had?? and deleted all your Instagram DMs and moved to a different state? What could you, an innocent man, possibly have done wrong? Actually check out some these things  you did wrong for future use.

5 Steps To Secure Yourself A Second Date

1) You Were Too Selfish

  Maybe last time you were  hooking up with this girl, you looked exactly like a shorter Future, which should have been her first clue you were  sick in the head. But sometimes your eyes are bigger than your brain!

2) You Tried To Flex And Failed

 Sometimes It’s  OK to be a broke boy. Everybody goes through hard times. But if you know full well you’re a broke boy, don’t invite someone on an expensive date, then try to pay with a gift card, then realize that that you only brought $1 in cash. Please don’t plan a date you can’t afford just to please someone

3) You Were Simply A Broke Boy

 Another pretty obvious point that probably only applies to me and my brethren (srethren? what is brethren but for girls?). Maybe you finally went out with a girl whom you have been asking out for a while .  You met that person at the jazz bar your date chose, and later on she will find out that she has to pay to get in to listen to ambiance jazz music, but it was also cash only. Rule 1: If you ask someone on a date, you should at least pay for them to get into the  jazz bar you take them to. Rule 2: Don’t take someone to an ambiance jazz bar. A

4) You Were Too Into Yourself

 Are you a talented musician? A successful businessman? In the process of penning the next great American novel? Great. Keep it to yourself. First dates are perilous territory, full of high-tension and nerves on edge. You want to focus on chemistry, compatibility, and at the very least, putting your date at-ease. Aggressively cataloguing your impressive accomplishments is not super relaxing. Instead, try talking about your experiences. Tell a funny story about a gig you had once. What you’re not gonna do is pause the Drake tape she is playing to make her listen to your Soundcloud.

5) You Just Weren’t Compatible

 There’s like, 5 billion people in the world. Statistically, you’re romantically incompatible with 99.9999% of them. Bad first dates suck, and it is hard to not take it on as some sort of personal failure where the prize of the contest is not having to go on any more bad first dates. Ultimately, love and compatibility aren’t a game, and if one of you just isn’t feeling it, it’s better to cut your losses than force something that isn’t there. Your ego will survive. But doesn’t she at least owe you a conversation? No, actually, she doesn’t. No one owes you anything. We are all dying. Grow up. Oh  and delete her number.

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