Man shares photos of his wife and her lover after catching them pants down

A bitter husband has been parading pictures of his wife and her lover on social media. A man was seething in anger after catching his wife pants down with his best friend. He was so angry that he decided to publish images of the two on social media. In the pictures shared, the adulterous lovers are clad in nothing but their bathing suits.

Social media has been making a mockery of the couple which was caught having a go at it in broad daylight. The lover, who is a friend of the husband looks ashamed and can hardly face the camera. Likewise, the wife looks like she wishes that the earth could just swallow her.

Most people have applauded the man for maintaining his cool. Some men would not be so chilled and make time for a selfie after catching their wife in bed with their best friend. The man also shared a picture of himself having food in the same plate with the mischievous friend on am earlier occasion. People have warned that those who are very close are the worst possible enemies.

Cases of infidelity have been on the rise of late. Women have been caught on the wrong side many a times prompting society to enquire on the possible causes of such. While some have cited issues of money and welfare, it has also emerged that even those that are being taken care of are still engaging in adulterous affairs.

In 2019, a well known journalist, Clayton Masekesa, was humiliated after being caught bedding a married woman. Several other videos have also been trending on social media of men caught in the act with married women. In one video, the man even confessed that he had fathered the child that the husband believed to be his.

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