Here Are Top 10 Signs You’re Dating A Selfish Person

Sometimes people are just naturally selfish, there were born like that and its hard to change people like that especially when you are in a relationship with that selfish person. It is all about compromising. If someone makes everything about them, that relationship will not go anywhere and will end up losing each other no matter how much you love each other at some point. Here are top ten (10) signs that you are dating a selfish person below…

Here Are Top 10 Signs You're Dating A Selfish Person


1. The person is clingy and constantly needs you, but they’re not emotionally available to you, and don’t focus on meeting your needs. They’re always busy, tired, or filled with excuses when it comes to you.

2. They have no sense of empathy unless something directly affects them, they could care less and won’t try to fix it. If you had a terrible day, he’ll brush it off, call you dramatic, and just tell you to cheer up, rather than putting himself in your shoes and being there for you.

3. The conversations you have are usually one sided, and about your partner never you. They don’t ask about the other person’s day, and tend to over share details from their own life. The priority in discussions is not to communicate, but to stroke their own ego.

4. They have an utter inability to apologize and if they do apologize it is insincere. Their pride and ego get in the way, and it almost would have been better if they didn’t apologize at all. If someone doesn’t own up to their mistakes, that’s a selfish red flag for sure.

5. They always want a ton of me time more than they want to spend time with you. Video games or constantly going out with the guys is more appealing to him than nights in with you.

6. They give you the silent treatment all the time. Communication isn’t a priority  they’re passive aggressive all the time. This is emotionally manipulative behavior that shows you a person’s selfishness.

7. They boast plus list their achievements at every chance, almost needing to list reasons that validate themselves, and prove themselves as trophies.

8. They act controlling in more contexts than one: in bed, in social situations they need to have the upper hand and have a stubborn “my way or the highway” attitude that makes it hard to be in a relationship with.

9. They’re selfish in bed! If he doesn’t care about your orgasm and is bored and disgraced as soon as he gets his rocks off, then he’s not worth it.

10. They’re constantly saying no when it comes to compromise or giving in, in a situation or argument. They always have an excuse or reason and always blaming other people.



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