7 Signs That It’s Time To Leave A Relationship 

Relationships are simple yet demand a lot of hard work so as to stay together. For one reason or another many couples go through times where there’s uncertainty on whether to leave or to stay. The right partner is supposed to be someone that makes a positive difference in your life. There are some petty issues that can be solved bit there are deal-breakers which can help you decide when it’s time to leave.

7 Signs That It's Time To Leave A Relationship 
7 Signs That It’s Time To Leave A Relationship 

1. When memories of the past make you happier than the present time.

2. There is  no interest in committment from a partner although you still want to work it out.

3. If you think you can “fix” something about them or feel the need to change them.

4. If your partner has an addictions such as drugs, alcohol, gambling, is habitually cheating and lying.
5. Extreme jealousy, lack of trust for no reason and over posesiveness. 
6. If there is any form of abuse is present; verbal, physical, financial or sexual.
7. When a partner doesn’t want you to grow or evolve in any aspect of your life.

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