5 Strong Signs It’s Time To Let Go

It’s every person’s desire to find love and stay in a long-term relationship for the rest of their life. All relationships have their ups and downs but most couples choose to work it out. At times it’s good to take some time off from each other although not too long. Whatever people do, usually the ultimate goal is to have a healthy, happy and loving relationship. Then there are times when you realise that you have given it your all but it just won’t work. Here are 5 very valid reasons and signs that indicate that it’s time to let go and move on.

5 Strong Signs It's Time To Let Go
5 Strong Signs It’s Time To Let Go

1. Someone expects you to be someone you’re not.

Most people make changes for their partners out of their own will. Of course, change is often a gradual thing however a relationship is meant to bring out the best of you. When a partner demands for one to be something or someone that they aren’t or can’t be it become problematic. If a partner can’t love you as the individual that you are, maybe it’s time to say goodbye.

2. A person’s actions rarely match their words.

Everybody deserves someone who’s true to their word. If a partner is constantly breaking promises or not fulfilling commitments then you want to let go of such an unreliable person.

3. You have a habit of feeling sad  and sorry for yourself.

A healthy relationship should make you happy and uplift you. When you find yourself constantly feeling insecure, sad or reminiscing about the good, old times then that’s a relationship to move away from.

4. You truly dislike your current situation

Have you been fighting a lot lately? Are they cheating or vice versa? Do you feel stuck? Then you are experiencing a situation that you need to get out of.

5. You catch yourself obsessing over, and living in, the past.

When your past is better than your present or you are daydreaming of a beautiful future, most times without your current partner then you might need to rethink where your relationship is going.

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