10 Tips To Make Your Elevator Pitch Stand Out

As a start up, your business needs to have an impressive elevator pitch deck to attract investors. An elevator pitch is usually a short, impactful speech that’s meant to gets potential investors excited about your idea. An elevator pitch can be be delivered as a presentation called a “pitch deck. However you choose to present your business, you need to be able to spark interest in your company. Below are a few tips to make your pitch deck stand out.

1.Tell a story

Tell your audience about the problem that your company can solve by making your story real and relatable.

2. Show that there’s a market

You have spotted the problem but you need to show that there is a market for your business’ ‘solution’. You need to show that you have done a market research and provide practical information.

3. Keep your solution simple

Your pitch is likely to be 10 minutes tops so you need to  keep the description of your solution simple and straightforward.

4. Show how you make money

Investors are always interested in the money- show them the money. Show how your company actually makes money.

5. Show that you have traction

Share evidence that you have traction. It can be in the form of a timeline of milestones you’ve achieved, or a list of evidence that your company is likely to be successful.

6. Have a marketing & sales plan

Your pitch deck should include details on how you plan on marketing and selling your product. Investors will want to know that you’ve thought about this aspect of the business.

7. Explain why you are the right person

Your presentation should show why you and your team are the right people for investors to invest in.

8. Know your numbers

Numbers count so have your metrics in check. Show how loss it will take before your business will be profitable. Include a brief summary of your sales forecast, expense forecast, and anticipated profits. Just be sure to be realistic.

9. Know the competition

Every business has competition, so show who your competition is and why your product is better.

10. Have a spending plan

Investors want to know how you plan on spending their money to build your business. Indicate where and how that investment will be allocated.

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