Scientific Reasons Bald Men Are More Attractive

What are the factors that influence attraction? Everybody will agree that looks play a big part in attraction. Women have been known to focus a lot on how attractive they are. Most women are looking to be a ’10’ through their physical features. Men too seek to be attractive especially for their potential mates. Men of all races tend to feel a bit uncertain when they begin to bald. Women love edges and hair they can run their fingers through-in short, hair is attractive. However if you are a man who has a shiny bald head, fret not because science proves that you are more attractive. Recent scientific studies found that men with bald heads are perceived to be more masculine, dominant and stronger. So guys if you are naturally bald or aim to shave that head feel free because the ladies love it. Check out a few scientific reasons why bald men are more attractive.

1.Bald men convey dominance and authority which comes as very masculine and women are attracted to that

2. Have very strong masculine features due to high levels of testosterone

3. Bald men are confident and look very mature

4. They form an immediate connection with women because women tend to look at their eyes.

5. Bald men are great in bed due to high levels of testosterone



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