10 Ways to Increase The Chance of Your Ad Getting Read

With the constant changes in technology, advertising trends change too. Most companies are shifting from traditional methods of advertising to online platforms. There are several adverts that pop-up online meaning a lot of competition. Brands need to understand how to have potential clients read, click and engage on an advert. Social media platforms offer advertising through call to action as well as paid advertising. How you craft your adverts will determine audience’s response to them. Here are 10 ways to increase the chance of your ad getting read.

1. Ask people a question in your subject line.

2. Offer ‘free’ things because everyone loves free things.

3. Add emojis to your subject line especially the smiley face.

4. Make your offers enticing but be honest about what you are offering.

5. Avoid using all capitals in your subject line as it is perceived as being aggressive.

6. Use words that draw attention to your subject line depending on your targeted audience.

7. Add an eye catching picture because audiences tend to be more visual.

8. Keep your classified ads punchy and straight to the point by using telegraphic sentences.

9. Capitalise ‘key’ words and hash tags in your subject line to add emphasis.

10. Be detailed and specific so that audiences can understand your advert. .

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