10 Smartest Resolutions to Make as a Couple

With a new year comes resolutions including for couples. When you make resolutions together, you and your partner are likely to enjoy the benefits. It’s important not to only make resolutions together but to be accountable. It doesn’t matter the stage of your relationship, you can set your resolutions. Check out the 10 Smartest Resolutions to Make as a Couple.

1. Do the boring things together so that you create memories and have something to bond over.

2. Always have respect for each other no matter your mood or temperament.

3. Communicate your wants and needs in your relationship.

4. Make an effort to learn and speak your partner’s love language.

5. Work on your friendships outside of your relationship.

6. Talk about the future and where you want your relationship to be.

7. Choose video calls over texting.

8. Ask your partner to participate in activities and duties together.

9. Show gratitude always for the little and big things.

10. Stop counting each other’s wrongs.

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