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Deciphering Texts: 10 Emojis that Show that Someone Likes You

Deciphering Texts: 10 Emojis that Show that Someone Likes You

Gone are the days when if you liked someone, you put it in a love letter. With WhatsApp, WeChat, Snapchat and other forms of messaging, flirting and dating have taken a different turn. How do you tell that someone likes you without gazing into their eyes or watching their body language? By deciphering their texts through the emojis they post. Still clueless about the correlation between emojis and flirting? Check out the 10 emoticons that are mostly used to show that someone likes you…in any context.

1. The angel face emoji

Your crush is trying to tell you that they are a good person. The angel face emoji portrays ‘saintly’ qualities and they want you to have a positive perception of them.

2. The hugging face emoji

If they like you, they want to hug you. It’s as simple as that. Send a hug back to show that you appreciate those arms.

3. The relieved smile emoji

This often comes after they send something awkward or feel awkward. They like you but they aren’t so sure if you reciprocate.

4. The heart eyed emoji

This is a very obvious sign that they like you. If you post something in social media and their reaction in the comments section is a heart eyed emoji…they like what they are seeing.

5. The heart kissy face emoji

A heart kissy face doesn’t necessarily mean that they want to kiss you but they want to be with you. They really dig you.

6. The blushing smile emoji

Did they just send you a blushing smile emoji? Oh well, then blow them a kiss because they like you.

7. The cheeky tongue out emoji

This is different from the usual mischievous tongue out emoticon. This is a way of saying – ‘I am hope I am being funny and cute at the same time!’

8. The laughing crying emoji

Want to know that you made your crush laugh? Well the general ‘lol’ is a good start but if they really like you, they will send you the face to express how they enjoy your sense of humour.

9. The monkey see-no-evil emoji

Ever felt embarrassed or so shy that you wanted to hide your face? Well, the monkey see-no-evil emoji face is a cute way of flirting. It’s often shared when a person feels embarrassed often because they really like you.

10. The red heart emoji

Nothing says ‘I’m in love with you!’ than the red heart emoji. Often someone sends this when they feel strongly about you.

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