7 Reasons Guys Friend Zone Women

7 Reasons Guys Friend Zone Women

In a world where there are several zones, the one zone that no one likes to be in is the ‘friend zone’. The friend zone is the most common place that guys find themselves in. However women can be in the friend zone. While guys have better potential off getting after the friend zone, for women it’s different. A lot of women get hurt when the man that they are interested just wants to be ‘friends’. So are you a woman who has a huge crush on someone? Have you been waiting for him to notice you as more than a friend? If you are tired of being in the friend zone, find out the 7 reasons why guys do that to women. The good ones and even the hot ones!

1. He doesn’t feel that he deserves you

Some guys feel as if that you are too good for them. While you might be the ideal woman or even ready for a relationship, he might not.

2. He doesn’t respect you

Ehm, apparently if you have overstepped boundaries with this guy, he might look at you differently. And not in a positive way that moves to a possible relationship.

3. He appreciates the aspect of friendships

It’s not only women who just want to be friends. Some guys appreciate a purely platonic relationship with a woman.

4. He’s too busy

While a number of guys can be jerks and use the lines, “I’m busy”, as a way of avoiding a woman, others are actually busy. Like Steve Harvey said in his book, ‘Think Like a Man’, when a man hasn’t achieved his personal goals, he might not feel like being in a relationship. If he says he’s busy and you are in the friend zone, don’t take it personally.

5. He’s just not that into you

As painful and blunt as that sound, it’s true. He just might not be feeling you.

6. There’s no flirting or physical attraction between you

There is no romantic spark between the two of you. Even your body language can either be awkward or just plain non existent.

7. He got too comfortable with you

You joke like you are one of his boys. He tells you about other women or what makes them attractive. You have told him about all the idiots that you dated. When he sees you as less of a woman that he can be attracted to, he will friend zone you.

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