Outrage over data fees hike

Local mobile data tariffs have been hiked by over 200% triggering a wave of attacks on mobile network providers. The increase in tariffs has been ruled as cruel and capitalistic by many.

A few days ago, mobile network provider Netone increased data charges. This was frowned upon by most people who said they were struggling to buy data at the current charge. They lamented lack of inclusion in decision making for such huge changes.

Econet followed suit with a tripple rise in the cost of data. Those who had renounced the use of their netone lines and opted for buddie lines expressed shock and disappointment over the recent development.

It never rains but surely pours for the struggling citizens of Zimbabwe who have had to bear the brunt of price increases for almost everything. This includes bread,meat, clothes, uniforms and most recently data.

The rise in the cost of data will surely affect masses of people ranging from students who need to research for school material, industry which relies on internet for sustenance and ordinary people who need entertainment.

Both Netone and Econet enjoy a large number of subscribers. In this fast paced world, data is viewed as a necessity. Gone are the days when people relied on hard copies to get basic answers to any queries that they might have.

Information is now just a click away with the advancements in information technology. It will however be difficult to access such knowledge in the absence of affordable data. It emerged that the cost of data in Zimbabwe is among the highest in the world.

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