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Tehn Diamond Ventures Into Acting

From 50 Cent, Ludacris, T.I and Will Smith rappers are known for transitioning from music to movies, some succeed and for some it’s the beginning of their careers deteriorating. And now our very own Tehn Diamond is the latest rapper to join the long list of rappers turned actors.


Tehn Diamond is in the middle of shooting a locally produced movie called “Judge” and from the photos he’s been posting on social media; we can’t wait to see the end product, spoiler alert….he cries in the movie.


And before all of you guys who are his musical diehard fans start crying, no he’s not leaving music, the rapper has a couple of new singles out now with Trevor Dongo, a track called “Kana Ndinewe”, “Na Na Na” with Reverb7 and Tagz, “Newe” with Soul Afrika and recently “Take You Away” with Davina Green.


Seems like your boy is on a roll, Tehn Diamond also has a brand of t-shirts and snap-backs called “Tisu Ngoda Dzacho” that is available locally for now.

From music to movies and fashion, is it too soon to say Tehn Diamond is slowly becoming our own P.Diddy? One thing is for sure, he is a mogul in the making.

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