4 Unfortunate Misconceptions About Africa

Several myths exist about the African continent, perhaps once reality but the current rate of globalization and economic growth quickly challenges the existing stereotypes. Africa offers a rich variety of cultural experiences, there is nothing quite like it.



Arguably, it’s an exquisite blend of the good, the bad and the ugly. The travel culture within the continent has yet to be completely embraced by Africans. In many cases, these myths keep several travelers from exploring Africa. brings you four popular myths that not only hinder optimal exploration of Africa but also perpetuate a culture of ignorance around the world.

1. Africa is a country

This is probably the oldest of the misconceptions about Africa, with its fifty-four countries and diverse people. It remains a wonder how certain people are still of the perception that Africa is a country. Within its geographical space, the African continent can contain the United States, China, India, Eastern Europe amongst others. That certainly alludes to its vastness.

2. All Africans are poor

The first reaction to this is probably “Really?”. Indeed some Africans are poor as some Europeans and Asians however this is not the case for all Africans. That is buttressed by the fact that Africa has a vastly growing middle class. It is worthy of note that more could be done about the distribution of wealth to minimize the gap between the rich and poor.

3. Africans are mean and scary

This is quite the painful generalization, fortunately young people across Africa are doing a good job of breaking this stereotype.

4. Africa is not serene

Of course the rate of globalization is rendering Africa more urban however, in the
midst of all the hustle and bustle lies so much serenity… Just have a look at the Simien Mountains of Ethiopia.

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