Top 6 travel tips for the festive season.

Travel tips for the festive season The festive season involves a lot of travelling with people moving around to see relatives and loved ones. Indeed one has to be careful in the roads and take precautionary measures to arrive safely. Here are some tips when travelling this holiday season.


Ensure that you have enough fuel to reach your destination. If your full tank will not be enough to get you to where you are going, have a full Jerry can on board. Fuel is scarce at the moment and you wouldn’t want to be stranded in the middle of nowhere without fuel.

2.Toll gate fees

Do make sure you carry around enough money for toll gate fees. You must have the know how of how many toll gates you will pass on your way to your destination and how much it would cost. If possible you can pick up one or two passengers to cover toll gate fees.

3. Spare wheel

It is imperative that one travels with a spare wheel and other spare parts in case of a breakdown. You must also have items such as reflectors and coolant.

4. Dangerous areas

Avoid parking in isolated and dark areas. Cases of people being robbed as they stop to relieve themselves in such places have become rampant. When you need a bathroom break, make sure to stop at reputable garages or food cots. Do not stop your car randomly when you need to take a break but rather stop at safe places.

5. Passengers

Be careful of who you give a ride. If possible do not take any passengers.Robbers usually pounce in unsuspecting motorists after being offered a ride.

6. If you have children on board make sure to carry basic essentials such as snacks, toys and a car seat. You do not want to be disturbed, you need to focus on the road

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