The most dangerous streets in Harare.

Harare was once labelled the sunshine city. The once squeaky clean and safe streets in the CBD area have sadly turned into havens for criminals and prostitutes. One really has to keep a close eye on their belongings in some of the streets as thieves, robbers and unruly elements ply the streets for unsuspecting victims. Here are the worst roads in Harare.

1. Fourth Street.

This road was renamed Simon Muzenda street. It is one of the most popular roads in the CBD area and stretches for kilometres. The most common feature in this road is the fourth street rank which houses commuter omnibuses from over twenty areas within Harare and outside. There is an abundance of thieves in this road. Coupled with money changers that overcrowd the roadport area on the other side of fourth street, the place has become unbearable for pedestrians and motorists. The overcrowded environment is quite conducive for thieves as they can disappear unnoticed. A few years ago, a woman had her clothes ripped to shreds by touts who accused her of wearing revealing clothes.

2. First Street.

Once labelled as a street for whites only during colonial days, the street has become a place for all and sundry. First Street is a popurlar spot for demonstrators. The street usually has heavy police presence but that has not stopped thieves, money changers and vendors from congesting the area leading to an increase in criminal activities.

3. Charter Street

This road is located at the edge of town. It is quite isolated hence thieves often take advantage of that arrangement. It is one of those places where you have to walk with your handbag very close to you.

4. Chinhoyi street

This road was made a notorious crime scene by the presence of the Coppacabana rank. Touts are largely in control of this area and it is not very encouraging environment.

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