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Sir Wicknell Chivhayo Rescues 32 Zimbabwean Women In Kuwait

Socialite and businessman, Sir Wicknell has become  Zim’s shinning amour and guardian Angel. He rescued thirty two Zimbabwean women who were ambushed in Kuwait to work as housemaids but ended up being abused as sexual victims. Wicknell reportedly bought plain tickets which cost fifty- eight thousand and nine hundred dollars (US$58,900) for the  helpless women who were rescued by a parliamentary delegation by Advocate Jacob Mudenda .


The Chairperson of the portfolio Kindness Paradza allegedly told the Harare Bureau yesterday that they met with Kuwaiti authorities to discuss the situation, where a directive was issued that the women should be repatriated in order to avoid the deterioration of relations between the two friendly nations through these criminal activities perpetrated by a syndicate of human traffickers in Kuwait and Zimbabwe.

“The Speaker had to intervene following strong representations from families and relatives of the women that have been living under modern-day slavery in the Gulf state, rich in oil reserves.The women were located with the help of Zimbabwean Ambassador to Kuwait Mark Grey Marongwe” he added.

He said that actual number of the women still unaccounted for is unknown but it’s believed they number up to about 200. So far, the embassy has assisted the repatriation of 44 distressed women back to Zimbabwe.

“The Speaker then made frantic efforts to secure money for the air tickets and is grateful to Wicknell Chivayo who immediately rescued the situation and instructed his travel agent to issue one-way tickets for the women to come back home,” said Paradza.

Wicknell said that he bought the tickets whole-heartedly without thinking twice. As a patriotic Zimbabwean, it pains him to hear his fellow sisters are being abused and used as sex slaves. As captains of industry, it’s their obligation to respond expeditiously where there’s a worthy cause. They should all emulate President Mugabe who has sacrificed the greater part of his life to liberate others and has suffered for that.

“I was told that nine of the 32 women have passports while the Zimbabwean embassy in Kuwait is busy preparing emergency travel documents for the remaining ones. In view of the financial challenges faced by the government, I felt it necessary to chip in after the distress call from Paradza from Kuwait on behalf of the Speaker,” said Wicknell.

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