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Zayn Malik is GQ’s Best Dressed 2017

Zayn Malik has been crowned GQ’s Best Dressed 2017 in the publications first-ever Reader’s play-offs, which saw him win with 59 per cent of the vote. Zayn Malik has been crowned GQ’s Best Dressed 2017.
Zayn Malik
Zayn Malik

The 23-year-old singer songwriter has beaten the ‘Night Manager’ actor to the post and has taken the title in the publications first-ever Reader’s Play-offs, which saw him gain an impressive 59 per cent of the vote according to GQ Online.

However, this is not the first time the ‘Pillowtalk’ has received the accolade as he was recognised for his incredible sense of style in 2013, which makes him the only male to receive the honour twice.

Meanwhile, Zayn – who has recently joined forces with Donatella Versace on a new collection for Versus Versace called Zayn x Versace – believes he has “individual style” ever since he was a child, because he used to customize his school uniform.

Speaking previously about his style in his autobiography ‘Zayn’, he said: “I’ve always had a bit of an individual style, even when I was a kid — for real. I hated school uniforms, and all the rules, having to wear a tie and shit. But when I sussed out that there were no rules regarding how we wore our school blazers, I would walk around the place with one arm in a sleeve, the other out, with my jacket dangling over a shoulder.

Although the musician – who is currently dating supermodel Gigi Hadid – credits himself with a good eye for fashion, he has revealed he used to be too “nervous” to take risks with his wardrobe choices.

He explained: “But then being so much in the public eye at a young age, I got a bit nervous to take many risks. I wasn’t so keen to step outside my comfort zone or think outside the box on what I was wearing.”

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