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10 Zimbabwean R&B Artists You Need to Know

Zimbabwean music has gone through a lot of transformation. In the last decade what uses to be known as urban grooves has slowly evolved into individual genres. The most popular genres are Zimdancehall, Afro pop and hip hop. R&B is still finding it’s way as a legitimate genre in Zimbabwean mainstream. But when you listen to these artists songs, the lyrics and medley are as R&B as it comes. So who are Zimbabwe’s R&B Artists who make hearts melt and break at the same time. Check out the list below.

Trevor Dongo

On this list Trevor Dongo is the most followed on Instagram. Trevor Dongo has been singing into a lot of hearts in the past decade.

Nyasha Timbe

Nyasha Timber has been cited by many industry people as the new Fortune Muparutsa. And we all know that the late legend was all about that R&B.


The Sony Records signed artist is very R&B. The Portuguese speaking artist received recognition for her debut single

Sanii Makhalima

This list would be incomplete if it didn’t have Zimbabwean music royalty. Sanii Makhalima is from the school of the original musicians of Zimbabwean urban music. Sanii is a singer, songwriter and producer known more for his love ballads.


Prayersoul is under the neo-soul genre which is under R&B. Prayersoul is all about those warm fuzzy love songs accompanied by that African touch.


The law graduate has a good voice on her. While she might have recently joined the Afro Pop bandwagon, Varaidzo is R&B. Most of her past singles produced by Block 101 and Russo.


Mile falls in the same category as the likes of Drake and even Chris Brown. He writes, he sings and raps. Mile is more popular in Zimbabwe hip hop circles but he is a very talented and even underrated artist. His 2016 EP ‘After Midnight’ is a good example of Mile’s R&B styles as a singer-songwriter.

Davina Green

Davina Green must have been the first Zimbabwean female artist to be recognized as an R&B. In 2014, she was nominated by the All Africa Music Awards in the R&B/Soul category. She is a reminder of old school R&B most Zimbabweans listened to.


Takura is more of a hip hop artist however the genre that he’s known for is the middle of R&B and hip hop. The trap-soul artist has had a number of R&B singles both as part of Soul Afrika and a solo artist.

Taurai Mandebvu

Taurai Mandebvu is like a music triple threat. He writes, sings and dances. Taurai has sung a lot of R&B type of songs, Zimbabwean style.

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