6 Tips for Mastering a New Language

When you are a student in a foreign country language can be a barrier.

1.  Carry a dictionary

If you are serious about learning a second language, you need to encounter it every day. Try to think in your new language. Carry a dictionary with you and look up the words to describe various items or events you come across.

2.  Talk the talk

When we start learning a new language, we often get hung up on proper pronunciation or learning the alphabet. Focus on trying to build your basic conversation skills. Try conversing in the language out loud, even if you have no one else to talk to but yourself!

3.  Master the basics

Start with the basics first – How to say Hello, Goodbye, How are you?  Your focus should be on building your conversation skills, so try to learn as many useful everyday phrases as possible.

4.  Stick to it

Visualising the words and phrases can be very useful. Write them down on Post-its and stick them around the house. These will serve as a constant visual reminder of the language.  Your brain will be absorbing the visual information without you really knowing.

5.  Watch, read, listen

Reading books and newspapers, watching a film or a TV programme, listening to a podcast or radio programme in your new language will really help you absorb the language more quickly.

6.  Sing it!

Reading and listening to the lyrics from music videos is a fun and interactive way to learn your new language.

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