Zimsec Outsources Printing Of Exam Papers To The UK

Zimsec is reportedly outsourcing printing of exam papers to the UK to prevent leakages. This has been done as to minimise the leaking of papers. The Zimsec board chairperson, Eddie Mwenje said,

“We are outsourcing and we have always been outsourcing and this is not the first time. Zimsec examines quite a number of students and there is Grade 7, Form 4 and A’ Level and that is quite a lot.”

The printing facility that we are setting up in Norton is near completion and, therefore, this is the reason why we could not print all stuff here. We are printing some of the stuff with our other machines, but we couldn’t print everything and that is why we have to do outsourcing externally as well.

The Standard was able to confirm that the outsourcing is taking place in the United Kingdom even though Zimsec refused to officially confirm the location.

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