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Vimbai Zimuto releases another shocking pic

Zimbabwean musician Vimbai Zimuto has released yet another shocking picture of herself posing naked while covering essential body parts with her hands. Zimuto who recently posted another pic of herself naked while at a beach this posts another image at a similar setting but this time kneeling down on one leg and closing her eyes.

Upon posting the teasing pic Zimuto said,”Chooseday, my hopes, aspirations, dreams, goals and inner feelings exposed by nature. If I don’t concentrate on them I may be of existence, but seize to live”. Zimuto appears to be justifying her decision to express herself and assumedly celebrate the beauty of her body.

Zimuto got positive comments for the image as her followers hailed her for the bravery shown while others merely admired her beautiful body. Zimuto appears to be on a spree of posting such images and followers will surely be relishing for another similar image in the coming days.

Currently based in the Netherlands Zimuto defended herself when she posted the first pic arguing she was simply trying to emulate her ancestors who were never bothered by walking around naked. While modern Zimbabwean society will find such an image difficult to accept Zimuto says that her ancestors never questioned such issues and people ought to embrace their heritage.

After being colonized by the British cultural traits such as dressing were scrapped aside with the European way adopted as acceptable. In an age where European dress and way of life are accepted norms Zimuto stands out as one of the few individuals that question society for divorcing itself from what was done by the ancestors.

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