Zimbabwe’s 5 most decorated sports persons.

  1. Kirsty Coventry – Kirsty Coventry is Zimbabwe’s most successful athlete after incredible feats at the Olympic games. The 7 time Olympic medalist boasts of being a past Olympic record holder to add to the plethora of medals won at the Olympics as well as at world swimming championships.
  2. Bruce Grobelaar – Though often downplayed Bruce Grobelaar is Zimbabwe’s mist succesful footballer. Grobelaar is Zimbabwe’s only footballer to win a European Cup title with league English Premier League winners medals also among silverware in his cabinet. Although match fixing allegations may have put a dent to his legendary status Grobelaar remains Zimbabwe’s most succesful footballer.
  3. Cara Black – Cara Black boasts of an impressive career which saw her flourishing on the doubles stage. Black won grand slam events at Wimbledon, the Us Open and Australian Open. Cara won several titles in her career with spending several weeks as a number 1 doubles player together with Liezel Huber a major highlight.
  4. Nick Price – The name. Nick Price is synonymous with success on the golfing arena. Price rose to fame in the 90’s when he pit the country’s name on the global map owing to his success on the golfing arena. Titles on the PGA tour propelled price to the summit of the golf standings and if there was to be a proper hall of fame for Zimbabwean athletes, Nick Price would be a strong candidate.
  5. Charles Manyuchi – Zimbabwe is known for producing top boxers with Langton Tinago, Proud Kilimanjaro Chinembiri and Arifonso Zvenyika being names that come to mind. When it comes to success Charles Manyuchi however sits among the best after rising to become a WBC welterweight silver title holder. He would however lose his belt to Quadratillo Abduqaxarov but the journey to becoming a silver title holder illustrated how great a boxer Manyuchi is.

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