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Frya performs on SABC 3 show.

Zimbabweans artist who is based in South Africa Frya, recently perfomed on the popular SABC 3 show WTFTumi which airs on Tuesdays at 9.30pm. She gave a sterling performance of her new song Roses.

Frya’s appearance on the show is yet another boost to her career. The youthful singer has been making waves on the music scene in South Africa. She did a sound track for Sidedish , a South African soapie that Aire on SABC 1 and also Lockdown season 4 which is one of the best shows in South Africa.

Frya is indeed an inspiration to most young people with big dreams that they can actually work towards making them come true. She is known for her soulful voice and fierce lyrical content. She is also renowned for speaking out the questions on every young black woman’s mind.

Frya performed the song Roses which is part of her E.P Dots. It is a song that highlights the thin line between love and hate. It showcases what happens when love immediately turns into hate and the consequences there of. Frya remarked about her song,” The video is not about hiding how you feel in the good times or the bad ones”.

The video is powerful and invokes emotion. Frya is certainly raising Zimbabwe’s flag high and continues to impress with her raw talent.

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