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Zimbabwean actress blows fans away on Rythm City

Zimbabweans born actress Petronella Tshuma has making waves on television. Soapie lovers have been excited at the current Rythm city story line. It follows that Pearl Genaro, the daughter of the late villain David Genaro has become a favorite of most people with her current boss lady attitude. The role of Pearl is played by Petronella Tshuma who has also had roles in productions such as Scandal.

Pearl was daddy’s girl when the villainous David Genaro was still alive. After his death, she sought revenge on those that caused his demise. Her fiery and spicy character has caused viewers to become glued on their televisions every week night at 7pm. Pearl is clearly acing her role and giving viewers something eye catching.

Rythm city is a television production that highlights the life of people in a small township in South Africa. It centres around both the rich and the poor. Pearl has indeed managed to captivate audiences from South Africa and beyond. She has been rated as one of the most versatile and talented South African actresses of 2021. Pearl is able to clearly spell out her desires and does not dance to anyone’s tune.Viewers are also optimistic that Suffocate Ndlovu’s son Pule might score big time on the beautiful lady boss. Social media has been awash with comments on the whole Pearl attitude. Viewers seem to be lapping up her acting prowess and beauty with brains theme.

Rythm city has a lot of viewership and has managed to stay in the game for more than a decade.

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