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Our Woman Crush Wednesday.

Today, it being a Wednesday, this publication is crushing on one of Zimbabwe’s sweet and talented souls. Hope Masike is a Zimbabwean singer and music teacher. She is famous for her skillfull use of the mbira instrument which is rare among women.

Hope sings afro fusion music and incoporates both traditional instruments such as mbira nad hosho as well as modern instruments. Hope has toured numerous countries and performed on countless international stages. She was once a music teacher in Norway.

Hope is a graduate from the Zimbabwe College of Music. Her music is soulful, uplifting and celebrates African culture and diversity. Some of her songs include Ndinewe and Huyai Tinamate. She is indeed a true gem and regarded highly in the music industry. She was nominated for a Kora award last year. Hope has also been awarded the 2012 NAMA outstanding female musician award. She has collaborated with artistes from all over the world including Anniken Paulsen from Norway, Sheila Massungue from Mozambique and Anthony Maina from Kenya. Locally she has perfomed alongside legends like the late Oliver Mutukudzi.

Hope is set to release her new album titled Exorcism of a spinster on 26 July. Hope is a bubbly, fun and loving person who has managed to amass a huge following both locally and internationally. She definitely deserves to be our Wednesday crush. Masike has often clarified that she is not a spirit medium but simply loves playing the mbira instrument

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