Foreign affairs minister SB Moyo attacked by angry mob in the U.K

Zimbabwean foreign affairs and international trade minister SB Moyo,who is currently in the U.K to try and get assistance for the nation has just been attacked by an angry mob. The mob comprised of Zimbabweans living in the U.K. The minister was attacked as he stepped out of Chatham building where he had been attending a meeting.

The angry bunch, mainly composed of women grabbed the minister by his clothes and poured water on him. An exchange of insults followed with the mob calling on the Zanu Pf minister to go back. The protestors had gathered outside the building when he was still in the meeting and pounced on him and his security detail when he emerged from the meeting.

The minister is currently on a European tour to try and woo investors into investing in Zimbabwe. He made presentations on the currency issues in the country and reforms that the second republic is trying to implement. The minister, however, seems to have been an unwelcome sight to the group of Zimbabwe painfully struggling to raise their families in the diaspora and failing to send money back home.

The minister was also preaching the same mantra that the president has been dishing out to the rest of the world that Zimbabwe is open for business. Investor confidence is however still ebbing low especially after the recent statutory instrument prohibiting the use of foreign currency in the country.

The protestors hurled insults at the minister and advised him and his party to leave politics. Most of them were dressed in red, an inclination that they are in support of the opposition party.

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