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Lorraine Guyo opens up about her past.

Comedian and actress Lorraine Guyo recently gave a startling revelation about her past. She advised people to let go of certain things in life even if it hurts during that time.

Lorraine was speaking about her past relationship which had ended after failure to patch up differences with her ex boyfriend. After confessing to him that she was fond of acting and if she got an opportunity to act even outside the country she would leave, the boyfriend desserted her. He Sadi that he could not stomach a long distance relationship.

Lorraine said that she had been heartbroken. She questioned God over the break up. She however said that all thin had worked out well for her in the end, with her acting career taking an upward surge. Lorraine posed an image of herself aboard a plane, an indication that she was on her way to women other place. She then captioned the image “International interviews”.

It is a sad reality that women often get limited in terms of pursuing their aspirations for love. Lorraine has advised people not to let such issues get in the way of their dreams.

Lorraine rose to fame with her Valentine’s day comic skit. She became an overnight superstar and got endorsements from various brands. She is now rubbing shoulders with big celebrities such a Madam boss and Comic Pastor. The future indeed looks bright for the youthful actress.

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