Robert Mugabe international airport faces more challenges.

It never rains in Zimbabwe but heavily pours. Just a few days after Robert Mugabe international airport experinced an embarrassing moment by having it’s electricity supply cut, another unfortunate incident has occurred.

A recent video has been circulating, showing flds of water at the airport. The water is allegedly oeaking from pipes within the airport including those in the toilets. Traveers have to walk careful to avoid tripping and falling into the water.

Staff members at the airport can be seen in the video trying to mop off the sea of water and divert its course using me and brooms. So atehtic is the situation at the airport that most people have been left speechless. The airport is the main port of entry into Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe,being a country that prides itsef for its vibrant tourism sector might have to act with urgency to address the mounting woes at the airport, should that status be maintained.

A few days ago, social media was awash with angry comments from people after a power cut brought business to a standstill at the airport. Most people lamented the economic meltdown currently being experienced in the country.

The airport was previously known as Harare International airport until it was renamed to Robert Mugabe international airport in November 2017, sparking a wave of criticism.

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