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Sir Wicknell Chivhayo mocks electricity crisis in Zim.

Flamboyant businessman Wicknell Chivhayo might have just ruffled some feathers with his latest pronouncements. The business mogul made a dry joke about the electricity situation in the country in a recent video recording.

Chivhayo is seen taking an occasional jog. He then announces that it is part of his daily routine. He then goes on to say that he is exercising in order to prepare himself for confrontation with any person who might dare utter that he must put on the table some money to alleviate the electricity crisis in the country.

The business man was speaking on the sidelines of allegations that he defrauded the Zimbabwe Power company of over 5 million dollars for a botched solar power deal. He was arraigned before the courts on those charges but was acquitted. He however, still has another pending case which related to the same issue. Chivhayo was said to have breached the terms of the solar deal which was supposed to see him establishing a solar plant at Gwanda.

The utterances by Chivhayo have certainly invoked a lot of anger from a lot of Zimbabweans who are currently battling the effects of loadshedding. So severe is the situation that some areas are going for up to 18 hours without any power. Business and industry have been affected.

Solar plants will certainly alleviate the shortages of electricity being experienced in the country. Sir Wicknell might have come across as insensitive and his remarks have been negatively reviewed.

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