ZIFA boss sets the record straight on Afcon trip.

The chairperson of the Zimbabwe Football Association ZIFA, F Kamambo has clarified issues with regards to his Afcon appearance last month. He said that the trip was not sponsored by ZIFA. Kamambo said that he had funded the trip himself and even bought tickets for his wife to accompany him on the trip. He was speaking on new radio station Classic 263.

Kamambo sought to clear the air amid allegations of abuse of ZIFA funds by those in charge. There was outrage in the country after allegations that top ZIFA officials had diverted funds meant for the national team players to buy plane tickets for themselves and their spouses. In what was despised by most football lovers,all ZIFA councillors were flown to Egypt for the Afcon tournament. Some of them were alleged to have included their spouses and girlfriends on the trip, costing the welfare of the players. Kamambo, however, dismissed all these accussations and said that those who had taken their spouses aboard had done so entirely at their own expense.

Issues of gross mismanagement have been raised against governing authorities at ZIFA. Years of maladministration have seen the association being almost run to the ground. The players at one time had threatened to boycott matches at Afcon die to non payment of appearance fees for previous matches. It was only after the acting sports minister had reassured them that they would receive their money that they agreed to play.

The warriors did not make it into the final 16 teams at the tournament.

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