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Baba Harare singled out as the ideal man for Olinda Chapel.

Social media was abuzz with news of the break up between socialite Olinda Chapel and her husband Tytan. Indeed the split had been foretold by many who viewed the marriage as a mere publicity stunt. Olinda’s world came crumbling last week, when Tytan officially announced his exit from their one year marriage.

In true Olinda style,the socialite had gone live online and highlighted her own version of the story. She said that Tytan had cheated on her with several women iver the course of their brief marriage. She had also cried at the prospect of her child Nandi, which she sired with Tytan, having to grow up without her father. Of course, most people had felt sorry for Olinda and her never ending marital woes. That is when the idea that Sungura musician Baba Harare was an ideal suitor arose.

Some people advised Olinda that Baba Harare was ready and available. He was the husband material that Olinda could do with, they said. They said the soft spoken jiti musician was a good candidate for the outspoken Olinda. After all, opposites do attract.

The Olinda Tytan saga generated so much interest that some comments were made on the president’s social media handles for him to intervene and try to save the couple’s marriage. Olinda has such a huge online presence and her marital issues have always been public knowledge. After the Denis of her previous marriage to rapper Stunner, she had spoken out live on Facebook for all and sundry to see

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