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Madam boss endorses Jah Signal.

Madam boss has endorsed zimdancehall musician Jah Signal. In a recent video, Madam boss said that the young man was clearly talented but it was unfortunate that the economic crisis in Zimbabwe was not doing any justice to artists. She said that had Jah Signal been another international singer like Jah rule, he would be on another level, racking in cash and donning chains.

Madam boss’ sentiments are definitely an eye opener with regards to the welfare of artists in the country. Just as the comedian highlighted,there is so much talent in Zim but support is very little. Artists have to struggle to clinch recording deals.

A few have been lucky like Enzo ishall who was recently bought from Chillspot records by prophet Passion Java for a whooping 200 000 rands. Others have been signed in by Jah Prayzah’s Military Touch Movement such as The New guy and Nutty O. The crux of the matter, however, remains that artists are not getting a fair deal for their abilities.

A recent article by this publication highlighted the plight of local singers who are being paid a paltry fee as royalties from ZIMURA.

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