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Nutty O collaborates with Jah Prayzah

Zimbabwe Dancehall sensation Nutty O has just delivered a huge new single with Zimbabwe’s biggest musician Jah Prazah. Since his breakthrough in 2014, the dancehall star has been on the rise making great strides in the dancehall space. He has grown in popularity and his new single is evidence of that. The collaboration with household icon Jah Prayzah is set to be his biggest track to date. The song called Mbakumba is already making waves and could be the young artists biggest single.

Nutty O has a clear goal this year. To break into the international market. After enjoying local success on the ground the artist hopes that this single will help him attract the international audience as he looks to break out from the local scene and into the diaspora market. His manager recently told the media that collaborating with a talented artist like Jah Prazah was long overdue. That Nutty O was hoping to use this to launch himself globally and break into new barriers.

Famous for his singles like Bugatti and Boomshelele the Dancehall artist has constantly kept improving his art. Appealing to the “ghetto youth” with his authentic sound and catchy music. He also has a unique swagger as an artist in the dancehall space. Only time will tell how far this single will go to.

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