Price of fuel goes up again.

An official announcement by ZERA has set off another online war as the price of fuel has been increased yet again. Diesel and petrol have both been increased to around rtgs 9.06 and 9.01 respectively. This is the fourth fuel price hike this year with most people foreseeing another increase in the coming months.

Times have been tough for most people in Zimbabwe and the current price hikes are not making life any easier. Fuel has also been scarce with motorists having to que for hours to get the precious liquid. The new price of fuel comes as a reactionary measure to the recently unveiled 2019 monetary policy by the finance minister Mthuli Ncube.

Speculation is high that other goods and items will also have their prices increased. Transport fares have already started to go up with routes that were being charged rtgs 1 now being charged around rtgs 3.50. Most people are bemoaning hardship amidst the recent changes. Even the ZUPCO buses are not of much use at the moment because most people are opting for the bus. This has increased pressure and for one to get into the bus, it is a strenous exercise.

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