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Queen Tatelicious comforts Olinda amid divorce rumours to Tytan.

Outspoken singer and media personality Queen Tatelicious recently lend a helping hand to socialite Olinda. She posted a comforting message and uttered a few words of encouragement amid rumours that the “OliTan” paradise is in trouble and the two are on the verge of divorcing each other. This comes after Tytan posted a video promoting an upcoming gig without a ring on his finger. Most people were quick to point out that the singer might be considering separating from his wife.

Olinda and Tytan had a public fallout a few weeks ago after Olinda accused her other half of cheating on her with her friend. She had then gone on a social media rant and even made contact with ex husband Stunner over the issue. The two, however, seemed to have resolved the rest issues with Olinda apologising and opting to seek professional help.

Queen Tatelicious started off by labelling Olinda a “sugar momma” . She then stated that if Tytan was willing to divorce her then he is certainly a gold digger who was merely after her gifts and money. She said Tytan was supposed to stick to his wedding vows. Queen Tatelicious then said she was in full support of Olinda although they did not see eye to eye. She wrote,” I don’t like you Olinda but divorce is not easy and I stand by you. God will remember your tears, stay strong mummy. Hauna hako kundikoshera but God will wipe away your tears”.

Olinda and Tytan recently welcomed a baby girl.

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