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Queen Tatelicious pays tribute to DJ Arafat

Most people are still reeling in shock over the untimely death of Ivory coast singer Dj Arafat. The 33 year old artist died after suffering injuries from a road accident. His motorcycle collided with a car resulting in him sustaining a fractures skull. He passed away on Monday morning.

Most artists sent in their condolence messages from international faces such as Davido to local stars. Not to be outdone, the queen herself, Tatelicious paid tribute I the late star by serving her usual raunchy perfomances. Tatelicious remarked that she was a huge fan of the singer and that most of her perfomances were centred around his music.

She wrote, “I will forever miss you and Zim family and my fans all over the world will join Ivory coast people in mourning king of ” coupè dè calè dance music DJ Arafat”. The queen then broke into dance to one of the late singer’s songs.

Dj Arafat was such a huge name in African music circles. His hit song Dosabado amassed over 5 million you tube views making him an African brand name. His other songs enjoyed similar successes with another hit song Moto Moto also getting around 4 million you tube views. Dj Arafat was famed for his deep love of motorcycles. He even featured them in his Moto Moto video. It was quite tragic that they eventually led to have demise.

Do Arafat had several accolades to his name amongst them being awarded best artist of the year in 2016 and 2017 at the Coupè Decale awards. His music was said to inspire hope amongst the people of Ivory coast in the midst of a political crisis.

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