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Top 10 facts you didn’t know about Olinda and Tytan.

The nation was plunged into shock recently when one of their favourite couple Olinda and Tytan, commonly reffered to as “Olitan”, announced their separation. Indeed bombshell left many people with unanswered questions. Here are top 10 facts about Olinda and Tytan.

1 Olinda was aged 34 and Tytan 28 when they got married last year.

2 Tytan was friends with Stunner, Olinda’s ex husband.

3 Their marriage subsisted for one year before their public fallout.

4 On 24 July 2019 Olinda announced live on social media that their marriage was now an open marriage after she had woken up to tell realization that Tytan had cheated in her with her friend. Olinda fumed and uttered, ” From today, Tytan and Olinda are in an open relationship. He’s allowed to go out and chase skirts wherever. I’m giving him a hall pass and don’t want you to be surprised if you happen to bump into him with other women”.

5 The couple welcomed a daughter early this year called Amari Nandi.

6 Tytan is alleged to have cheated on Olinda with several women including her friend Fungai when they were still together.

7 Tytan once composed a song for Olinda titled ” Ndichakubata bho” after her breakup with former husband Stunner in which he pledged to treat her like a queen.

8 Olinda is a business woman and runs several recruitment compnaies in the U.K. She also won the Zim Achievers Awards in 2018 for U.K female personality of the year award.

9 Tytan has a tattoo of Olinda’s name on his wrist.

10 Tytan paid lobola for Olinda in March 2018

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