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Alick Macheso and Freeman’s “Ngaibake” reaches 100 000 views in one day.

The hype brought about by Alick Macheso and Freeman’s latest video Ngaibake has seen the video reaching 100 000 views in just a day!. The new video has been the talk of town with so many people marvelling at the craftsmanship exhibited in the song.

Whilst songs from other artists such as Enzo ishall’s “Gwati” were praised for reaching 100 000 views in one week, Ngaibake has broken the record. The song seems to have wooed even those who never liked the two artists previously. Many people have confessed to watching the video countless times due to the qualityvisuals and editing as much as the exciting beat.

Others have said the song in itself is good but what makes it more appealing is Alick Macheso’s summery outfit. Donning a yellow summer shirt and trendy denim pants, the singer is almost unrecognizable. To add a unique flare to the song, comedians Mai Titi, Madam boss and Enock Chisale were also featured in the song.

Ngaibake became an overnight anthem. It has become a hit song and the video is surely a sight for sore eyes.The video was directed by Blaqs. The unlikely combination of Alick Macheso and Freeman indeed produced a masterpiece.

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