Charles Manyuchi thrashes Gallardo

Zimbabwean boxer made history on Saturday evening by beating Diego Gallardo in a highly publicised boxing match. The Argentine born Gallardo was mercilessly thrashed and lost to Manyuchi. Manyuchi won by a technical knockout in the third round. He put up an impressive perfomance and skillfully dodged hits from Gallardo whilst delivering heavy blows and punches. In spite of his impressive record, Gallardo was reduced to a mere puching bag by Manyuchi. He succumbed to Manyuchi’s boxing prowess in just 14 minutes. Manyuchi now proudly boasts of holding the WBF middleweight championship title. Manyuchi was all smiles as he was declared the winner. He later on remarked,”I’m ecstatic after this win over Gallardo. Look at what he has done in the past. He is a fantastic star but it’s only that I had a good strategy to counter him”. Manyuchi also attributed his success to fellow boxers, professional and amateurs, in that they assisted him to get to where he is. Manyuchi was named sportsperson of the year in 2014. He has beaten opponents such as Gianduce Frezza to claim the WBC international belt, Devi’s Caceres to defend his WBC title and Dmitry Mikhailenko for the WBC silver title

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