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Enzo ishall’s “Gwati” reaches 117 000 views in a week.

Zimdancehall artist Enzo ishall continues to break records. The young musician recently released a video titled “Gwati” and the song has been getting a lot of views lately. Barely a week after its release, the song already had 117 000 views.

The youthful singer made his singing debut with the hit song Kanjiva which became a household hit. He went on to claim the number one spot in Zimdancehall circles with other ground breaking hits such as Matsimba and 50 Magate.

The singer has previously confessed that he is still baffled by the milestones that he has already achieved in his career. The future certainly looks bright for the talented musician.

Many people had been eagerly waiting for the release of Gwati and Enzo lived up to the billing of serving a hilarious and well crafted video. The video features popular comedians Ray Vines and the Comic Pastor, who gave the fine work of art a comic feel.

Although the gist of the song centres mainly on a slap, the execution of the lyrics indeed speaks volume. Enzo surely got his creative juices flowing. Many people have been having debates about the song and its somehow naked truth about the way people endevour to resolve disputes within the African set up, a cold hard slap.

Enzo has enjoyed previous successes with other videos such as Muchiround, 50 Magate, Fear No Man and lately Mutasvi.

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