Aston villa condemns racist chants aimed at Marvelous Nakamba.

Zimbabwean midfielder and national team player Marvelous Nakamba has been dragged into a racist war after a video went viral showing one white fans chanting racist slurs at him. The video made its way into mainstream media after the match against Norwich in which Aston Villa thrashed them to a 5 – 1 defeat.

Aston villa has issued an official statement distancing itsef from the racially charged sentiments directed at Nakamba and warned against such behaviour. They have actually stated that they will involve the police to bring the culprits to book. They announced,” The club wholly condemns the chant and urges other supporters to help us identify those responsible”.

Nakamba made his debut at Aston Villa this year after being signed over for over 11 million pounds. He signed a five year contract with the club. The 25 year old midfielder has been putting on an impressive feat at the club. He has already gained a lot of popurlarity due to his neat touches and clean finishes. He has also been instrumental in securing winning goals for the club ever since he was roped into the team.

Aston villa has been showing great signs of improvement since he joined the English premier league side. The humble and soft spoken football star has also been raising the Zimbabwean flag high. The Aston Villa twitter page has been flooded with Shona comments of late.

Nakamba is not the first African star to be subjected to racist chants. Players from other African countries such as Yaya Toure have also had to bear the brunt of being racially humiliated overseas. Fans are hoping the club will continue speaking out against such nasty,racist comments as they also demoralise players.

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