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Pokello settles Gringo’s hospital bill.

Veteran comedian Lazarus Boora, commonly known as Gringo, recently underwent the knife for a life saving operation at CitiMed hospital in Chitungwiza. His appendix was said to have ruptured forcing doctors to perform an emergency operation. His condition was Sadi to be life threatening.

Gringo’s sister, Linda Boora, confirmed the incident and also appealed for well wishers to donate towards settling his hospital bill. She said a total of 18 000 rtgs was required for treatment. Socialite Pokello Nare is rumoured to have settled the bill in full earning her a great level of respect from her fans and foes. Celebrities such as Jackie Ngarande had been vocal on their social media platforms, encouraging people to donate.

News of Gringo’s illness spread like wildfire on Tuesday. His family said he had been experiencing abdominal pains for some time but they suspected that he had ulcers. It was only when the pain became unbearable and they took him to hospital that they woke up to a realization that he was in a critical condition.

Gringo rose to fame with the popurlar Enock Chihomboei drama titled “Gringo” in which he played a mischiveous gardener. He later in starred in Gringo ndiani, Gringo Mari iripi and popurlar movie Yello card alongside Leroy Gopal.

Gringo was famous for his ever increasing apetite for food and hillarious chants. He is one of the country’s most celebrated faces if television. Gringo is still a household name and his popurlarity never ceases even after the end of the “Gringo” franchise.

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