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Youth profiles: Tino Chinyani.

Tino Chinyani is a young Zimbabwean model who is based in South Africa. He was born and bred in Zim and attended St John’s college. The young hunk has emerged anone of the most success faces in both South Africa and his Homeland. His impressive cv and infectious smile have both seen him bagging high end endorsements. We profile the hardworking and goal oriented young man.

Tino rose to fame by co hosting the ETV breakfast show “The morning show”. His eloquence and smooth touchkeot viewers glued to her television sets. He also co hosted the channel O music lifestyle show “Top 5 Drive”. His stint on television propelled him into stardom just like his modelling gigs.

Tino has been changing the way young people view success and moving to the top. This year, he signed a mega deal with Mobicel and his face was plastered all over billboards in South Africa. The young achiever probed that the sky was not only his limit but his point of view.

He also managed to host his very own Men’s GVO Master class in August. He patnered with actress Simphiwe Ngema as she was launching her hit single. The master class included runway classes, posing classes and men’s grooming classes among other items. It was ahuge success with scores of people attending.

Tino is a resilient young man with a mindset that sees into the future. In one interview, he stated that mental slavery was preventing most young people from moving out of the ghetto. The sexy model has also been roped in by Flying fish and has appeared in their television ads.

The future certainly looks bright for Tino and he is a huge inspiration to many young people out there.

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