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Jackie Ngarande receives major clap back for trying to diss Pah Chihera.

Jackie Ngarande seems to be stealing the limelight for all the wrong reasons this year. After having a heated public brawl with fellow socialite Zuva Habane recently, the stunning model has yet again made the headlines and her fans are fuming at her.

Jackie established a helpline for fellow women and encouraged them to ask for anything. One lady by the name Pah Chihera inboxed her and asked for the clothes she had been wearing. Jackie immediately published the full text and said she was now scared of posting her images because people were suffocating her with requests for her clothes.

Coincidentally people mistook the poor woman for renowned singer Pah Chihera of the “runonzi rudo” fame. People sympathised with her for being humiliated publicly for asking for clothes. Pah Chihera released a statement condemning Jackie for her wayward behaviour. She said although she was not the author of that message, she still felt that Jackie had gone overboard in publishing the message. She castigated her actions.

Most people have professed anger at Jackie for bringing it to public attention that someone had asked for clothes from her. Moreover she had purpoted sought to support other women and encouraged the to make requests! Olinda Chapel also chipped in on the issue and in a vague message said one could not purpot to support women in one breath and diminish them in another breath.

Jackie is a model and renowned for marketing brands on Instagram. She is good friends with Pokello Nare. The recent public stint has left many women seething in anger

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