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Mai Judah bags award in the United Arab Emirates.

Star fm presenter Tariro Mazvarirwofa popurlay known as Mi Judah recently bagged an award in Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates. The cheerful radio presenter was recognized for her shows that soon in on topical issues such as cancer, HIV and AIDS and issues affecting society.

The awards ceremony is running from 20 to 22 November and this is its 5th year. Mai Judah was awarded the pan African Humanitarianism award. The event coincides with the Pan African Humanitarian Summit. Mai Judah has become an icon for women empowerment and has changed many lives with her programs. She has been able to reach out to millions of people countrywide with her educational and inspirational show.

The presenter ha been using the power of her microphone to iron out topical issues and give solutions to real life problems. Mai Judah was also a nominee at the CA Awards in London as well as various other local awards. She is a brand ambassador for various companies. The well deserved win has indeed caused a lot of her fans to proudly brag about their favorite radio presenter.

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