Mixed reactions over the renaming of roads in Zimbabwe.

There have been mixed reactions over the renaming of roads exercise that is currently being done in Zimbabwe. Most roads in the country bear names of white colonial masters and influencers. The new dispensation has come in guns blazing and ready to rename most of the streets. New names range from those of local liberation war heroes, war veterans of other countries that share the same history with Zimbabwe and names of current Zanu Pf bigwigs such as the president.

While some people have commended the government for trying to eliminate all forms of past colonial grips on the country, others have frowned upon the new exercise as a mere distraction to all the economic woes bedevilling the country. Some have sad it will be another ardous task to learn all the new names as people were accustomed to the old street names.

The government recently renamed Thornhill air Base the Josiah Tungamirayi air base. Likewise the Harare International Airport was renamed Robert Mugbe international airport. The renaming exercise comes at a time when people are barely making ends meet. Critics have lambasted the government for failing to channel all the energy invested into renaming roads into something more productive and fruitful such as sound economic policies.

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